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Entry # 445

Barry L. Payne

Starting line at Indy in the early '50s


  • Note:
  • This is a 2 X 2 foot replica of the line at Indy Raceway Park in the early '60's with assistance from D-A Lubricants.
  • The timing tower is scratch built and I designed the decals for it.  
  • The Christmas Tree lights up and actually works.  It will even show a red light at times.

Entry # 96

Mike McFadden

Fill 'er up!



  • ​The gas station is from Woodland Scenic's white metal kit. The station sign is done with .010 styrene with a brass tube pole. The pumps have clear tubing / styrene tups and brass wire gas hoses. Oil drums, dog, figures, crates, etc. are all from "Spares" box.
  • The Dump truck is a Jordan 1/87 scale model. It received a scratchbuilt rear bed and suspension. Mud flaps are sandpaper. It has sandpaper floor mats, styrene brake, clutch, gas, gears.
  • Chain holder on the back of cab is brass. MV lenses. Styrene muffler. Windshield cover is tissue.

Entry # 380

Ray Kurn

1/43 Shelby Cobra


  • Note:
  • Handbuilt walls
  • ​Micro Machine Cobra turned into a riding toy

Entry # 444

Barry L. Payne

Drag Racing Heroes Diorama


  • Note:
  • This is a 2 X 2 foot scratch built replica on a building I designed.  There are battery operated lights in the ceiling.
  • I got all the photos of the drivers online and made them the same size as posters behind the cars.  
  • I also designed the roof sign at the front of the building.  All the drag racing posters and outside photos I found online to create those posters. 

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Entry # 420

John M. Papp

"GREASE is the WORD" Diorama


  • Note:
  • The Car is Box Stock, with a few additions, Pearl White Paint to give it POP!, Hidden Prop Rod, and lot's more "Speed, Action and Motion." 
  • We didn't "like" the Rip Damage Decal, so we got out the Dremel, and proceeded to rip the heck out of the Passenger Door, then looking at what we had done, decided to build the "Under Body Structure, and paint it contrasting Gray/Black, and now it looks "right."  
  • I'm a movie fan, and when they issued this kit, KNEW I had to build it!  ONLY I had to add my little bit of experience in bringing a little something extra.  

Entry # 252

Michel Roy

"John! Hurry! Do something!"


  • Note:

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Entry # 304

David Walker

Clarke's Truck


  • Note:
  • ​This is a model of the truck and sign in front of Clarke’s Auto where I sometimes get work done. I started with the AMT ’53 Ford and lengthened the bed with a bed I had left from the sixties. The name on the side was made by my friend Jim using a Cricut machine.
  • Parts of the body were ground thin from inside and then an x-acto blade was used to open them up. I used the ‘hairspray’ technique to do the worn areas. Weathering materials from Vallejo were used for the rust and dust.
  • Wheels and tires were from ScenesUnlimited.  It certainly is useful to have the original just a few kilometers away for reference.

Entry # 373

Quinton Ishman

Grandpa's Field


  • Note:
  • All models were rusted, painted, and damaged from years of abuse.  The junkyard is full of unlimited extra motors, trannies, and other car parts.  
  • Homemade wooden pallets, homemade mud, homemade tarps, rocks, grass and weeds were added.   
  • ​​This diorama represents Grandpa's Field. Lots of rust, and junk - but to Grandpa, it is precious memories of his past.  

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Entry # 414

John M. Papp

"Duke's Barndance" Diorama


  • Note:
  • "Stagnant Dioramas are 'nice', I chose to challenge myself in building this diorama to convey Action, Speed, Motion, Suspending the Viewers Reality a little." 
  • "General Lee" is Box Stock, with adjustments to the Suspension to convey unweighted wheels, Bo Duke inside driving with a smile, Hidden Prop Rod that further dispels our sense of reality.  The Viewer actually "Feels he is seeing" the General Lee Plowing through the Barn. 
  • Model, Base, Barn are lightly weathered, with "Ruff" looking on and Chickens Running. 

Entry # 186

Paul Shamrock

Famous "Undertaker" dragster show-car


  • Note:
  • "Dracula + Skeleton + Pumpkins = Spooky Fueled Fun!"

Sponsored by   Brad Norgaard

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