Entry # 271

Misha Koslovsky

LaBelle Speed Shop



  • Jr. Fueler based on the rail and roadster body from the Tony Nancy kit with a SBC from the '55 Nomad incl. injectors. Fully wired and plumbed. MM Metalizers and nail polish finish on body.
  • '55 Chevy Parts Chaser with 409 from '62 Chevy, bench seat & valve covers from AMT '57. Salco whitewalls, modified tonneau from '53 F1. Attached metallics throughout.
  • The two portray the LaBelle Speed Shop team from California in 1963. They were weekend competitors at SoCal strips throughout that summer.

Category A28B  -  Miscellaneous Hauler Combos

Entry # 161

Leo Maida

Mustang Flatbed Tow truck



  • Scratch built flat bed, kitbashed truck chassis (extended)
  • Modified Mustang body to be truck cab
  • Shelby Cobra kit for tow bed, color matched and made custom decals

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Entry # 253

Michel Roy

'48 Foose Cadillac with Trailer



  • Car is Box Stock
  • Trailer was built from damaged kit and spare wheels

Entry # 376

Ray Kurn

Cobra Hauler



  • Woodbed
  • Scratchbuilt bed walls
  • ​Scratchbuilt tire rack

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Entry # 366

Pete DeWald

'66 Suburban with Dragster on Trailer



  • Inspired by old Drag Photos, wanted to build a tow and push vehicle for the dragster.
    So off to the local drag strip for some weekend fun!

  • 66 Suburban has some spare slicks, tool box and jack with front push board made from a popsicle stick.
  • Dragster is from the AMT double dragster kit with aftermarket injector tubes and manifold.
    Trailer is modified from the Fireball 500 kit.

Entry # 305

David Walker

Volkswagen Transporter and

Formula Vee Racer


  • Note:
  • ​I always liked the stretched VW Transporter but when a friend gave me another Hasegawa pickup body I was ready to go, The two bodies were cut and rejoined.  All markings were made on the computer and printed on clear decal paper. The photo-etched fold out windows came from Highlight Studio.
  • While driving one day I was thinking models (who doesn’t) and figuring what the load could be. I was leaning to Porsche and then of course, Formula Vee. The Formula Vee is a combination of the engine and suspension from the AMT Meyers Manx kit and the Heller Brabham Formula III.
  • I altered the nose as no radiator needed. The engine cover is mostly sheet plastic with only a little of the original cover left. Replicas and Miniatures supplied the engine hop-up kit.Transporter wheels are BRMs from the Polar Lights Spiderman kit.

Entry # 342

Paul Payne

1/25 Streamlined Go-Cart



  • AMT body with exhaust holes filled, with Replicas and Miniatures belly pan
  • Scratchbuilt chassis, drive train, and engine
  • O ring tires, wheels from AMT Avanti - resized

Entry # 255

Allan Magnus

Clark Clarktor 6 Tractor with Trailer



  • AMT-ERTL trailer shortened with scratchbuilt tongue, front axle unit & pallets.
  • Scratchbuilt exhaust system. Replaced steering column & seat
  • Added hub caps, steering linkage, push bar, towing pintle to front shield, headlight guard, filler cap on hood, minimal engine detail (fan & starter), brass mesh to hood, towing points front & back, tail light, bolts to front shield & rear bumper, filler neck for fuel cap, hand brake & foot pedals