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Category A18  -  Sedan Deliveries, Vans, & SUVs

Entry # 141

Gerald Haney

1939 Sedan Delivery

"Foghorn Leghorn"



  • Z-Man Daisy Wheels; Detail Master Disc Brakes, wired engine, plumbed carb linkage
  • Custom-made "Gooch's Best" decal, scratchbuilt bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the front seat
  • Custom "SAY BOY" License plate; weathered using hair spray technique using Vallejo Flat Red, Red, Beige, white, and Burnt Umber

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Entry # 40

Kurt Womack

1948 Chevrolet Canopy Express



  • 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup, resin Panel conversion converted into a rare 3107 Canopy Express.  Scratch-built interior.
  • Kit corrections: driveshaft turned around, running board ribs are now standing (shouldn't be grooves), firewall moved forward flush with body, headlights with reflectors.  Parts box twin carbs and twice pipe manifold.
  • Scratch-built: Vacuum-formed interior, rolled bed edge is steel tube, single seat, eye glasses hinge on tailgate, diamond plate styene floor, gas tank, 3 mirrors, exterior door handles are separate and chrome plated, hood hinges and "latch", dual exhaust, taillights, oil pressure gauge, step.

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Entry # 391

Don Eustace

'53 Chevy Delivery Van



  • Testor's paint used
  • Gofer brand decals 

Entry # 279

Billy Kingsley

1947 Chevrolet

Sedan Delivery



  • Raised rear suspension
  • Otherwise box stock
  • Was used in Galaxie Limited ad in print