step 2 - submit photos of your models

step 3 - enjoy the show from home

step 1 - register fOR tHE sHOW

Nothing is perfect, but we work hard at trying to "get it right" and present an honest and fair show.

Each Category is judged by a team of experienced judges.

Names of entrants are hidden until after judging to help prevent any favoritism from name recognition.

Your hosts, the Cactus Car Modelers do not compete in the regular categories. Instead you ​get to vote for the models they have on display in a separate set of categories.

Just like normal, register for the show, but instead of coming to Phoenix, you will submit a set of photos and some info about each model you want to enter. We'll use between five to twelve photos to judge each model and each category is judged by a team of experienced judges.

Once you register, we'll send you specific instructions on how to submit your model entries, along with the forms and a special email address of where to send things. 

When you get the reply to your registration, just follow the instructions we provide regarding what kind of photos we need and where to send them, along with an entry form for each model.

We have a secure system in place so that you can safely send your photos - we even have a how-to created to help you take great shots with just the camera in your cell phone!

Our judging teams will then use the photos and info to judge the entries in each category.


A hallmark of DSC shows for over 16 Years

JULY 18, 2021 - The results of the dscV17 Virtual Model Car Championship have been announced! There were many outstanding entries, making the jobs of the judges challenging, but they dug in and worked through it all to reach carefully evaluated decisions. Many thanks to all who participated. Congratulations to the excellent modelers whose efforts garnered well-deserved wins! Thanks also to the Cactus Car Modelers Club, the underpinning of the DESERT SCALE CLASSIC.  Special thanks to the team who made it work; Hal Sanguinetti, Renee Kallen, Dale Mickley, and the anonymous Judges (all of whom are relatives of Stig).

And of course, none of it could happen without the support of our loyal and generous sponsors, Torco Racing Oils / TNT Distributing, Craig Hewitt IPMS Chapter, Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen, LoDan Scale Responders, and Mr. Dan Doane.  
Great appreciation also for all the individuals and businesses who sponsored the 103 awards we conferred.

Desert Scale Classic Virtual Venue Results for 2020

Once we get your entries, we'll post them and the information you provide to the correct category on this website in the Championship Section for you and the whole world to see!

On May 31, 2021 we will close submissions at midnight Phoenix time and begin judging. No additional entries will be accepted after that. But everyone can still view all the models! Around the end of June we will announce the winners on the website and send out the trophies by mail!